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Combating Anaemia


Doctors suggest that the best way to minimise symptoms of anaemia is to up your iron intake. If you've struggled with anaemia, you probably know this is easier said than done. Iron supplements can have uncomfortable side effects and are tough on the gut. Sometimes they don't even increase iron levels effectively. 

SimpliiGood's Fresh Spirulina has 3.22 mg of iron in each serving,18% of your daily iron needs. While this may sound like less than other iron supplements, do not be fooled. The key to SimpliiGood's success in combating anaemia is it's bioavailability. Because it's 100% natural and completely raw, SimpliiGood has a 95% absorption rate. Manufactured iron supplements have an average rate of just 10%. 

This means your body absorbs almost all of SimpliiGood's iron (compared to other competing products), and doesn't spend energy processing excess waste.


Fatigue is the key issue with anaemia. But many others include, weakness, cramping, irritability, and trouble sleeping. While adding iron is a crucial first step, complete nutrition is just as important. In fact, your body actually needs other nutrients to maximise the benefit of extra iron. 

For example, Vitamin B12 is the co-leading ingredient in beating anaemia as it produces red blood cells and decreases weakness and fatigue. SimpliiGood's Spirulina has 10.7 mcg of it (184.6% of daily value). Vitamin C in also plays a key role because when taken with iron, the iron becomes even more useful to the body. (Pro tip: Add SimpliiGood to a fruit smoothie for even more C-power.) What else? 

Serving per serving, SimpliiGood has 8x more antioxidants than blueberries and 25x more beta-carotene than carrots, which helps prevent cellular damage and reduce inflammation caused by exercise. The list goes on and SimpliiGood ensures complete nutrition daily.

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